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We provide a peanut free environment.


06-12 - whole grain cheese pizza or yogurt
with mixed vegetables or a fruit cup

Price $3.25 

Hot Lunch and Full Service Cafeteria

Our cafeteria provides hot lunch and a wide assortment of cold options daily. Here are some lunchtime favorites of Sacred Heart students: pizza, American chop suey, tacos and chicken fajitas. Grilled cheese sandwiches are available daily for students in K1 through grade 2. Weekly menu is posted weekly on the school calendar.

Lunch is $3.25 and includes 1% milk and no fat chocolate milk. Milk may also be purchased separately for $.50

Students may apply for free or reduced lunch rates.

Peanut Alert

Due to the number of students with a peanut butter allergy and the severity of their reaction to peanut butter, peanut butter and peanut products are not allowed in school.

Thank you for your cooperation