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Welcome from Head of Campus

We Are Dreaming Big!

head of campus
Each child deserves an equitable education to be the best that they can be. Here at Sacred Heart STEM School (SHSS) and the Carolyn A. Lynch Early Education Center at Sacred Heart, each child is catered to with the necessary tools, resources, and attention to be successful, faith-filled citizens of the 21st Century. We hold high expectations for all children, that is why we call them scholars to set the standard of excellence.
We at Sacred Heart are guided by three unwavering CORE BELIEFS. These beliefs form the foundation for your scholar’s educational career and beyond. They lead to success for a lifetime.
We believe Sacred Heart STEM school uniquely prepares scholars for success in the 21st Century through a focus on faith and STEM.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) teaches scholars a whole new way of learning. Learning by doing equips your scholar with the skills to be creative and innovative. All lesson planning is filtered through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, which results in scholars highly prepared to be responsible, empathetic and very successful in their future careers.
We believe Sacred Heart’s STEM education raises the bar for all scholars and closes the achievement gap for all children.
We at Sacred Heart set high standards and expectations for all scholars. In addition, we believe that all scholars deserve equity in their individual education. Therefore, we are committed to providing each scholar whatever they need to reach that bar and beyond. A STEM education is the best vehicle to achieve that goal.
We believe that all scholars are the CEO’s of their own education and we teach them to take ownership of their path to success.
We teach all scholars to be invested in their learning and to be strong vocal advocates for themselves now and in the future.
At Sacred Heart our scholars DREAM BIG! They are Determined, Respectful, strive for Excellence, Accountable to reach Mastery, and this is all done with a Belief In God.
If this is the education you desire for your scholar, look no more. Come join us on this wonderful educational journey.
Monica Haldiman
Head of Campus
Sacred Heart STEM School